• Building 14 (main building of our group)
  • CFD of trailing vortices during fish fin oscillation
  • Comparing in an aneurysm model stereo and tomo PIV, MRI and CFD
  • Continuous oil-water separation using a modified Pitot-tube Jet-Pump
  • DNS of turbulent heptane spray combustion at Re(jet)= 3000
  • Flow in impeller of full-scale water turbine designed for fish passability
  • Gas-liquid transport in a centrifugal pump by CFD
  • Hemodynamic Data Assimilation for PC-MRI and CFD
  • Hemodynamics in a fusiform intracranial aneurysm after flow-diverter treatment
  • Ignition from a hot gas jet using detailed chemistry DNS
  • Impact of surface tension on bubble dynamics
  • LB-DNS of fully-resolved prolate spheroids in wall turbulence
  • LES of expiration flow in real human larynx
  • LIF measurement of oxygen mass transfer in a helix reactor
  • Liquid-Liquid mixing in a Coiled Flow Inverter at Re=200
  • Mass exchange visualized by 2-tracer LIF in a bubbly flow
  • Measurement of flow field in a transparent packing with ray tracing corrected PIV
  • Mixing and vortical structure for multi-phase flows in helical reactors by time-resolved PLIF and PIV
  • Optimization of a Savonius turbine in water
  • Phase distribution in a continuous counter-current extraction process involving a two phase flow
  • PIV around flexible (top) and rigid (bottom) pitching hydrofoils
  • Secondary Dean vortices in helix reactor visualized by LIF
  • Simulations for snow crystals with LBM in 2D
  • Tomo PIV compared to CFD in a helical coil
  • Two-phase flow patterns in a straight or a helical tube
  • Water flow below a simulated full-scale floating water wheel

The Laboratory of Fluid Dynamics and Technical Flows

The Laboratory of Fluid Dynamics and Technical Flows (LSS: Lehrstuhl für Strömungsmechanik und Strömungstechnik) is responsible at the University of Magdeburg "Otto von Guericke" for all research and teaching activities in the field of fluid dynamics.

This includes in particular experimental and numerical research projects concerning

  • reacting and multi-phase flows,
  • sprays,
  • laminar and turbulent flames,
  • turbomachines and pumps,
  • mixing and separation processes,
  • optimization of flow conditions,
  • medical flows,
  • metallurgical flows,
  • flow instabilities,
  • non-newtonian flows,...

For this purpose high-quality measurement techniques and numerical software are available.

Last Modification: 23.04.2021 - Contact Person: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dominique Thevenin